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Agriculture and Rural Development Committee
Website: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/agriculture-and-rural-development
J. Kyle Koehler Rep.
J. Kyle Koehler (REP-OH-79th)
Ranking Member
Juanita Brent Rep.
Juanita Brent (DEM-OH-12th)
Republicans (8)
Rep. Don Jones (REP-OH-95th)
Rep. Darrell Kick (REP-OH-70th)
Rep. Susan Manchester (REP-OH-84th)
Rep. Don Manning (REP-OH-59th)
Rep. Jena Powell (REP-OH-80th)
Rep. Tim Schaffer (REP-OH-77th)
Rep. Bill Seitz (REP-OH-30th)
Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus (REP-OH-50th)
Democrats (6)
Rep. Jack Cera (DEM-OH-96th)
Rep. Randi Clites (DEM-OH-75th)
Rep. Paula Hicks Hudson (DEM-OH-44th)
Rep. Mary Lightbody (DEM-OH-19th)
Rep. John Patterson (DEM-OH-99th)
Rep. Casey Weinstein (DEM-OH-37th)
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