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State and Local Government Committee
Website: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/state-and-local-government
Scott Wiggam Rep.
Scott Wiggam (REP-OH-1st)
Ranking Member
Brigid Kelly Rep.
Brigid Kelly (DEM-OH-31st)
Republicans (7)
Rep. Steven Arndt (REP-OH-89th)
Rep. John Becker (REP-OH-65th)
Rep. Dave Greenspan (REP-OH-16th)
Rep. Stephen Hambley (REP-OH-69th)
Rep. Ryan Smith (REP-OH-93rd)
Rep. J. Todd Smith (REP-OH-43rd)
Rep. Shane Wilkin (REP-OH-91st)
Democrats (5)
Rep. Bernadine Kent (DEM-OH-25th)
Rep. C. Allison Russo (DEM-OH-24th)
Rep. Michael Skindell (DEM-OH-13th)
Rep. Lisa Sobecki (DEM-OH-45th)
Rep. Fred Strahorn (DEM-OH-39th)
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