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Insurance Committee
Website: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/insurance
Thomas Brinkman Rep.
Thomas Brinkman (REP-OH-27th)
Ranking Member
Kristin Boggs Rep.
Kristin Boggs (DEM-OH-18th)
Republicans (6)
Rep. Anthony DeVitis (REP-OH-36th)
Rep. Sarah LaTourette (REP-OH-76th)
Rep. George Lang (REP-OH-52nd)
Rep. Derek Merrin (REP-OH-47th)
Rep. Thomas Patton (REP-OH-7th)
Rep. Scott Ryan (REP-OH-71st)
Democrats (4)
Rep. Richard Brown (DEM-OH-20th)
Rep. Glenn Holmes (DEM-OH-63rd)
Rep. Bride Sweeney (DEM-OH-14th)
Rep. Terrence Upchurch (DEM-OH-10th)
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