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Financial Institutions Committee
Website: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/financial-institutions
Kris Jordan Rep.
Kris Jordan (REP-OH-67th)
Rnk. Chair
Kent Smith Rep.
Kent Smith (DEM-OH-8th)
Republicans (6)
Rep. Rick Carfagna (REP-OH-68th)
Rep. Jon Cross (REP-OH-83rd)
Rep. Dave Greenspan (REP-OH-16th)
Rep. Laura Lanese (REP-OH-23rd)
Rep. George Lang (REP-OH-52nd)
Rep. Bill Roemer (REP-OH-38th)
Democrats (4)
Rep. Jeffrey Crossman (DEM-OH-15th)
Rep. Sedrick Denson (DEM-OH-33rd)
Rep. David Leland (DEM-OH-22nd)
Rep. C. Allison Russo (DEM-OH-24th)
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