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Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee
Website: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/armed-services-and-veterans-affairs
Rick Perales Rep.
Rick Perales (REP-OH-73rd)
Ranking Member
Casey Weinstein Rep.
Casey Weinstein (DEM-OH-37th)
Republicans (7)
Rep. Bill Dean (REP-OH-74th)
Rep. Haraz Ghanbari (REP-OH-3rd)
Rep. Adam Holmes (REP-OH-97th)
Rep. Candice Keller (REP-OH-53rd)
Rep. Darrell Kick (REP-OH-70th)
Rep. Laura Lanese (REP-OH-23rd)
Rep. Tracy Richardson (REP-OH-86th)
Democrats (5)
Rep. Richard Brown (DEM-OH-20th)
Rep. Erica Crawley (DEM-OH-26th)
Rep. Adam Miller (DEM-OH-17th)
Rep. C. Allison Russo (DEM-OH-24th)
Rep. Michael Sheehy (DEM-OH-46th)
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