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Current Legislation
Key Bills
Bill Name Position
SB 162 - To require the State Fire Marshal and the Board of Building Standards to include in the State Fire Code and Ohio Building Code, a requirement that a public or private school must install carbon monoxide detectors. -
SB 158 - To exempt from closure certain community schools that enroll students receiving behavioral health services. -
SB 96 - To require one unit of world history in the high school social studies curriculum. -
SB 42 - school districts levy exclusively for school safety and security purposes. -
SB 21 - Third-Grade Reading Guarantee. -
SB 15 - General Assembly to determine cost of a high quality public primary and secondary education. -
SB 11 - alternative summer meal sponsors -
HB 228 - To reform the system of funding elementary and secondary education. -
HB 215 - To authorize a board of education or governing authority of a school to enter into an agreement with a volunteer who is a current or retired law enforcement officer to patrol school premises to prevent or respond to a mass casualty event. -
HB 193 - To revise current high school diploma requirements including state-administered assessments. -
HB 181 - To prohibit submission of a student's personal identifiable information to the federal government without direct authorization of the local school board. -
HB 167 - To authorize school districts with an average daily membership greater than 60,000 and located in a city with a population greater than 700,000 to levy property taxes, the revenue from which may be shared with partnering community schools. -
HB 59 - Operating appropriations for the biennium beginning July 1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2015 -
HB 32 - Establish a minimum school year based on hours -
HB 30 - Regarding letters of admonishment to licensed educators. -
HB 18 - With respect to metal detectors in public schools. -
HB 14 - school records of a child who is alleged or adjudicated an abused, neglected, or dependent child -
Bill Name Position
HB 237 - Common Core We oppose this legislation
Health, Welfare and Safety
Bill Name Position
HB 8 - To revise the school safety laws. We oppose this legislation

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